Synchromodal solutions

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If possible and upon request, HPEI focuses on synchromodal transport. Containers are always transported to and from the hinterland using the most optimal modality and route for that specific moment; besides economic motives, sustainability is a factor in this respect as well. All you need to do for synchromodal transport is state when your container needs to be at its destination, without specifying the modality and route. Next, we always select the best option: train, inland barge, truck or a combination thereof.

Flexibly responding to supply and demand

Within our European network, we are able to flexibly switch between inland shipping and train capacity between our connections. This allows us to always adequately anticipate customer demand.

For more information about synchromodal solutions, please contact Willemien Akerboom.

The future of freight transport: Synchromodality

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