Hutchison Ports Duisburg celebrates its 40th anniversary

Hutchison Ports Duisburg

Hutchison Ports Duisburg celebrates its 40th anniversary

Back in 1983, Hutchison Ports Duisburg, originally known as DeCeTe Duisburg, opened its gates for shipping lines, logistics service providers, shippers and operators. Over the past four decades, it has transformed into a fully-fledged trimodal inland terminal, providing an extensive range of services. Hutchison Ports Duisburg is connected via rail and water with seaports in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and many locations within the region and far beyond.

Situated in the heart of the Ruhr area, Germany's most vital industrial centre, Hutchison Ports Duisburg offers unrivaled access to Germany as a trimodal terminal. Among its many offerings, Hutchison Ports Duisburg operates its own transport services, under the name of Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal, connecting the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and various inland destinations. As a key part of the larger Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal network, the terminal plays a crucial role in facilitating efficient cargo movements.

Located directly on the Rhine, Hutchison Ports Duisburg has almost one kilometer of quay equipped with three gantry cranes and two 700-metre railway tracks. Thanks to its close association with the adjacent DUSS rail terminal, the facility enjoys connectivity to over 70 rail destinations spanning across Europe. In addition, Hutchison Ports Duisburg also serves as a shortsea terminal.

Dr Roland Pütz, managing director of Hutchison Ports Duisburg: “We proudly look back on 40 years of valuable experience. Looking ahead, I envision a modern terminal strategically positioned at the crossroads of cargo flows, river and rail networks. A position that sets us up for continued success."

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