Questions and answers: the rebranding of European Gateway Services


Questions and answers: the rebranding of European Gateway Services

As from 10 May 2023, European Gateway Services (EGS), the intermodal network operator of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT), will continue under a new name: Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal.

The new name immediately makes it clear which activities are being carried out. It also emphasizes that Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal forms part of an integrated range of port-to-door services from Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT).


  1. What is changing?
    The change is purely a name change from European Gateway Services (EGS) to Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal (HPEI). HPEI is the transportproduct of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, just like EGS used to be. There is no organizational change.
  2. What is the timeline?
    From May the 10th, we will use the name Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal instead of European Gateway Services in all communications.

    The e-mail addresses: will be changed during the coming weeks. They can still be used until further notice.

    Also in the coming period all signage will be replaced gradually.

  3. What does it mean for the contracts and conditions?
    The legal entity is European Gateway Services B.V. A legal name change to Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal B.V.  is foreseen towards the second half of the year. Therefore Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal will for the time being be the trade name. Contracts and conditions will remain the same until further notice.
  4. Will the services of Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal change?
    Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal (HPEI) offers the same services as previously EGS, with rail and barge connections at its core. HPEI thus stands for sustainable and efficient intermodal transport within a network of deepsea terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp and several inland terminals in various countries. In addition also other services are offered such as first and last mile trucking, customs services and track & trace. See the website:
  5. Will Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal work from a new location?
    All activities will remain and continue as from existing locations and offices.

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