Hutchison Ports Belgium

Terminal Services
API Connection

Valid from 01-01-2024 until 31-12-2024

API Connection Rate Comments
Container Status API On request Per container

Note 1. No connection charges

Note 2. First month free of use. After free period € 0,50 per container

Note 3. Billing via standard EGS invoice

Trucking Services

For Local Trucking rates please contact our Inside Sales department via:

Storage Services

Valid from 01-01-2024 until 31-12-2024

Storage Services related to HPEI transport Full Storage
Day 1-5 Day 6 Day 7-10 Day 11-16 ≥ 17 Days
Rates (per TEU per day) Free € 9,00 € 10,00 € 15,00 € 20,00
Additional surcharge (one off)     € 55,00    

Note 1: Day 1 is day of arrival at terminal
Note 2: A surcharge will be applied on day: 7

Value Added Terminal Services

Valid from 01-01-2024 until 31-12-2024

Terminal Service surcharges Rate Comments
IMO Storage On request  
IMO (de)labeling € 40,00 Per container, incl. additional handeling
Container sweeping € 50,00 Per hour, excl. handlings
Reefer connection On request Per container per day, incl. electricity, excl. handling & monitoring (refer to SOP)
Monitoring of reefers On request 24/7 remote monitoring (by Delta Reefer Care)
Inspection/selection empty containers € 10,00 E.g. damaged, SDR, age of container, quality (A, B, C) etc., excl. 1 stack handling
Seal replacement € 15,00 Per container, excl. possible additional handling
Gas measurement & ventilation On request Detailed information to be found on Gas Measurement & Ventilation pricelist
Weighing by Certiweight (VGM) € 43,00 Per container, according to SOLAS regulation, weighing certificate is issued on request (PDF)
Non Cargo Card fee € 27,50 Per visit, applicable to truckers that cannot present a valid Cargo Card at Hutchison Ports Belgium Gate In
Handling of containers

Valid from 01-01-2024 until 31-12-2024

Full and empty containers, per handling Rate
Truck € 28,50
Barge € 42,50
Barge; shifting containers from bay to bay on board a barge, per container € 38,00
Stack; repositioning of containers on terminal € 28,50

Handling Energy Surcharge (HES): each handling rate is subject to a surcharge if EAF is above 17%. For more information: Enery Adjustment Factor.


  • A valid Cargo Card shall be presented at the Hutchison Ports Belgium Gate In. Truckers without a valid Cargo Card have to pay a non Cargo Card fee from €27,50 per visit.

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