Increase your productivity with a system link via API

In addition to the web portal, HPEI also offers direct access to its information via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With an API, information can be integrated directly from HPEI systems into your planning system. This provides you with real-time data in your own system, without having to search and enter it manually. This saves time and prevents errors!

HPEI offers system links via various APIs:

Deepsea terminals

Inland terminals

Hutchison Ports ECT Delta

Hutchison Ports Belgium

Hutchison Port ECT Euromax

Hutchison Ports Duisburg
  Hutchison Ports Venlo
Kinds of API: Kinds of API:
Container Status (basic/extended) Container Status Inland
Object Schedule   
Object Status   

With the Container Status Inland API you get insight into all relevant status information of your containers within the transport booking to HPEI:

  • Container Information (type, weight, booking number, transport type)
  • Transport (deepsea terminal, inland terminal, modality, object, ETA/ETD, gate-in/gate-out)
  • Loading/discharge (modality, object, gate-out, address)

Interested in API? For more information please contact myterminal@ect.nl.

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