Intermodal Forwarding


In addition to our own rail and barge connections, Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal (HPEI) also offers Intermodal Forwarding for destinations outside the trusted HPEI network. In that case, we organise the transport of your containers through the networks of our intermodal partners whereby you can still rely on our intermodal expertise and familiar working methods. For example, your container status can be monitored via our customer portal and we can organize local trucking and port transfers. 

Central Europe

With our Intermodal Forwarding service, destinations in for example Central Europe (including Austria) are also intermodally within reach, whereby we use hubs in Duisburg, Munich and Vienna, among others.

In addition to a broader service provision, HPEI also aims to make a greater contribution to the necessary modal shift. These services are offered under the usual FENEX forwarding conditions. Check our intermodal options with our inside sales employees via



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