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Extended Gate Services

The inland terminals in Venlo (NL), Duisburg (D) and Willebroek (B) serve as an extended gate for HPEI. Using our paperless service, you can easily defer the handling of your customs formalities to these terminals. There is no need for a T1 document or customs clearance in the seaport. 

After having been discharged from the deepsea ship, we directly load your container aboard the train or inland vessel. The container is transported to the hinterland under the responsibility of HPEI. At the hinterland you can arrange the correct follow-up document; thereafter the container can be released.

Transit (T1) Service

With this additional service HPEI is able to issue a T1 customs document for your import containers arriving at deepsea terminals in the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Transport and customs formalities in one hand, without the need to contact multiple parties. 

Portbase Registration Service (Notification Export Documentation)

To make sure your export containers will be loaded with the right Export Documentation, HPEI can take care of the registration process via the Rotterdam Port Community system Portbase. In order to register the document please send the following data with your booking:
•    Booking number of the carrier;
•    The original custom document in PDF

You can find the rates for these services on the Surcharges page. For more information about our Customs Services, please contact Kevin Raackow.

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